INTRODUCTION Courier service is the modern, quick and secure source of mail and shipment handling as compared to postal means. Courier Service has become a back-bone of the modern life particularly for the business community. The 2nd Caliph of Islam Hazrat Umar-e-Farooq (God bless Him) was the Founder of such like services. The best sources at that time were utilized for providing mail movement through horse riders. Other nations of the time followed suit and gradually established postal system in their regimes. The present day science has further made the courier service more faster. The business community particularly expects that mail/ Consignments reach them briskly/ overnight.

Our Services

Courier Service

As courier, DCS appears in the top 10 companies. It is rendering service of urgent document delivery throughout Pakistan.

Document Collection Service

This facility relieves the party of all botherations and yet very economical.

International Express

DCS is in collaboration with renowned international courier companies as well.

Cargo Service

It is a department of DCS solely rendering delivery service of heavy consignments on cheap rates as compared to courier charges.

Sentimental Express

DCS introduced this very special service for the convenience of its patrons

Special Delivery Service

DCS offers special delivery service of documents and parcels to its patrons who wish to send their packets etc on specified time.

  • Transpiration in to-day’s fast life is very essential. DCS has almost 100 vehicles including containers, trucks, Mazda(s) and Pick-ups for the purpose.
  • Work Forces are considered backbone of every Set-up/ organization. DCS has a crew of over 1000 employees for field work as well as 200 staff members for ministerial services.

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